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Wrongful Death Case: School Bus Collides with City Bus

Posted on December 9, 2016

In Baltimore, Maryland, a tragic scene unfolded when a city school bus collided with a local city transit bus, killing six people, including the driver of the school bus and five other commuters on the city transit bus. While police continue to investigate why and how the driver lost control of the school bus, it is apparent that the school bus driver first hit a vehicle, then a traffic pillar, finally crossing into oncoming traffic, where he collided with the transit bus coming the other direction. Thankfully, the school bus had not yet started its route to pick up children for school; only the bus driver and a school aid were on the bus when the accident happened. The aide was among an additional ten people who were injured, along with the driver of the vehicle initially hit. This bus accident led to the personal injury of ten and the wrongful death of six. 

The Driver’s History

The bus driver’s history is currently being investigated to help investigators determine any possible source that may have influenced the accident, such as whether he suffered a medical emergency. It has since been released that the driver had, at one point, been on seizure medication and recently claimed to have passed a physical examination. Since that documentation of good health has not been provided to the school or the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, the driver recently lost his commercial driving privileges, which raises the question of why he was driving the school bus at the time of the bus accident.

In 2014, the bus driver was involved in a similar accident that involved crossing traffic lines and colliding with another vehicle, which was found to be the result of an episode of seizures. Additionally, it has been released that there is evidence of a failure to apply the brakes prior to the collision, leading investigators to further question the driver’s medical condition. The local police along with the National Transportation Safety Board are now investigating the accident to determine its cause.

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