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Wrong Way Driver Causes The Wrongful Death of Five

Posted on November 23, 2016

A Vermont man was charged with second-degree murder recently, after he recklessly drove the wrong way down a major interstate, hitting and killing five teenagers. The man, who is currently recovering from his own injuries at a local hospital as of this writing, was brought in a wheelchair to the courthouse, where he pled not guilty. The man not only drove the wrong way killing the five teenagers, he then stole a police vehicle and fled, hitting roughly seven other vehicles before he was apprehended.

Car Accident Caused By Outside Issues

Court documents revealed that the driver was facing personal difficulties, specifically, facing foreclosure and family legal issues, possibly leading him to such erratic behavior. The man is no stranger to legal proceedings; he has recently lost custody of his two-year-old daughter after a domestic altercation with the girl’s mother that consisted, among many things, of death threats and physical assault. Moments before his driving rampage, a neighbor recalls seeing the man acting aggressively while leaving his home. However, in the eyes of the court, personal struggles are not viewed as a defense to engaging in wantonly and willfully reckless behavior that results in the disregard for human life, such as that performed by this driver.

The man will be facing five murder charges for the teenagers killed. While charges involving vehicles, reckless driving, and the resulting car accidents can more commonly result in some form of a vehicular manslaughter charge, Vermont prosecutors did not want this behavior to be overlooked. As his driving rampage ensued, the driver hit close to 80 miles per hour while driving the wrong way for nearly five miles before hitting the teenagers, and then continued his reckless behavior by hitting speeds over 100 mph down the highway in a stolen police vehicle.

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