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Will a Dog Bite Injury Stand in Court?

Posted on April 18, 2016

Dog bites can cause serious injuries to your skin, soft tissues, and possibly your health. Remember, a dog has numerous sharp teeth and powerful jaws that can inflict serious wounds, rip muscles or penetrate skin, fracture bones, or cause serious or fatal internal bleeding. A seemingly minor bite that does not tear the skin or bleed can cause bone fractures or hematoma injuries to the soft tissue underneath.

A dog bite wound is commonly inflicted on the calves, thighs, hands, or neck. Vitally important structures in the neck such as your carotid artery (or jugular) could be easily injured. Others include numerous nerves, blood vessels, the esophagus, and the trachea or airway. Wounds sustained to the face can cause serious damage to your eyes, ears, and mouth. Injuries to the lower body such as calves or thighs typically involve torn ligaments or impaired joints.

Typical Issues with a Dog Bite

Contrary to the widespread belief that a dog’s mouth is clean, a bite from any dog that punctures the skin will introduce bacteria or other infectious organisms the skin soft tissue. There, the bacteria or infectious organisms can multiply and spread throughout the body. Regardless if the dog is vaccinated or not, all bite wounds are to be considered contaminated or infected. A bite left untreated can result in a localized abscess or more generalized cellulitis (a tissue infection) that spreads through the surrounding area. On rare occasions, a penetrating bite wound can cause septic arthritis (infection of the joint), osteomyelitis (infection of the bone), pyothorax (pus in the chest cavity) or septic peritonitis (pus in the abdominal cavity).

Every pet owner has the responsibly to protect others from any possible harm caused by their animals. If you were recently bitten by or sustained other injuries from the recklessness or negligence of a pet owner, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

Consult an Auto Accident

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