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What To Do If You Are Injured On A Construction Job

Posted on February 17, 2016

Falling or getting injured on a construction job can leave you with a simply skinned knee or have life-altering and devastating consequences. Safety is generally the number one priority for any person working within the construction industry. Procedures are put in place to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible and injuries are rare occurrences. Even with safety protocols, there are still risks of receiving serious injury.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation was created to provide a no-fault coverage for any injury that was received while on the job. It may be quite difficult to actually receive the benefits from workers compensation, however, if the proper paperwork and procedures are not followed. By understanding what is required and how you will work through the process from injury to compensation, you will have a higher chance of receiving the benefits due for your injury.

Not All Injuries are Covered

There are certain requirements for having injuries covered under workers compensation. You must have been working on the job while injured or have been traveling on a work-related task for your boss. Simply being on the work grounds does not guarantee coverage. If you slipped and fell while on a lunch break or other break, then you will most likely not receive any worker compensation coverage for your injury.

Ensure That You Follow Protocol

Make sure that you speak to your direct supervisor immediately upon injury, if possible, so that you know the appropriate steps to take to make sure that you are following company policy and ensuring that your needs will be met in the manner outlined by workers compensation and your companies human relations department.

Gather Your Paperwork

Make sure that you are keeping track of every amount of paperwork that you have come across so that you are able to keep track of all of your evidence for your specific claim. Begin the process immediately as time between the fall on the construction site and the beginning of your claim needs to happen as soon as possible. Delaying the process will only reduce your chance of receiving coverage.

Contact A Legal Representative

If you fell on a construction site and were injured, you need the help of an experienced attorney. Contact the firm of Charles Bryan Alred online or at (918)745-9960 to learn more about how you and your family can get the help you need from workers compensation.