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What Are Surgical Errors And Why Do They Occur?

Posted on February 10, 2016

Surgery is not generally something to be taken lightly. There can be many issues that arise from having even what is coined as a simple procedure. Minor and major surgery are both invasive and disrupt a normal process of human function. Even when surgeries are necessary to improve life function, the surgical errors that result from these procedures are astonishing and could worsen the effects you already have.

Are All Surgical Errors Considered Malpractice?

Just because an error was made during a procedure does not mean that the doctor or any of the hospital staff involved in the procedure was negligent in their treatment of you. Each of these topics will be reviewed regarding your treatment and the error received during surgery:

  • There is a general standard of care that doctors adhere to in any procedure and deviating from that reasonable standard of care is one of the main determining factors of negligence.
  • If there was no injury from the error, then there is no negligence.

Why Do Surgical Errors Occur?

Surgery will always come with risks. The doctors are trained to review these risks with you and have you sign a document stating that you understand and acknowledge the risks. Even with the informed consent, there could be other things beyond standard risks that cause surgical errors.

  • If the doctor has not performed the procedure many times she or he could be considered incompetent based on experience.
  • Failing to plan appropriately, with equipment, staff and mental review of possible complications.
  • Miscommunicating about the location of surgery, medication dosage and concerns or even medication allergies.
  • Providing surgical services while in a state of severe fatigue.
  • Utilizing drugs and/or alcohol to cope with fatigue or stress.
  • Acting out of neglect for your care.

Examples of Surgical Errors

There are many different types of surgical errors. Some more common ones might include:

  • Nerve injury
  • Medication or anesthesia error
  • Operating on a wrong portion of body
  • Performing the surgery on the wrong patient

Contact A Legal Representative

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