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Water Park Accidents & Lifeguard Liability

Posted on September 2, 2016

Waterparks are notorious for summertime fun and have been a pillar for families getting together to cool down from the hot weather while school is out. However, water parks throughout the United States have made national news a handful of times this summer due to the numerous fatal accidents suffered by both children and adults. In the wake of these accidents, safety officials and the public have wondered what regulations set at the parks failed and why. These types of personal injury cases can be prevented by simply abiding by the safety rules and laws set in place. 

A Serious Personal Injury Problem

In Kansas, a 10-year-old boy suffered a fatal neck injury after sliding down what is claimed to be the world’s tallest waterslide. The requirements for the ride state that there must be a total weight between 400 and 500 pounds on the raft, which can be achieved by combining roughly three riders per raft, and a height limit of at least 54 inches in order to ride. While the height and weight of the boy were questionable in order to fit the ride’s criteria, the slide itself has also been the subject of controversy since its opening; the grand opening was delayed three separate times for technical issues, height issues and unsuccessful testing, which resulted in the slide being almost completely deconstructed and rebuilt.

Only two weeks later, a 33-year-old man drowned in a water park in Washington state after lifeguards failed to appropriately respond to claims that a man was in the bottom of the pool. The man’s death was ruled an accident by drowning after lifeguards claimed they thought the children at the park were playing a prank on them. The lifeguard thus dismissed the accusation for over 15 minutes, and it was not until another lifeguard was in the pool for unrelated reasons and found the man unresponsive. Now, safety advocates are looking towards the both federal and state law in order to implement more stringent regulations for amusement parks. Rides operated at amusement parks and water parks are exempt from federal safety oversight, and thus are currently only investigated as an accident occurs. 

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