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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Could Benefit Motorcyclists

Posted on January 19, 2015

Oklahoma motorcyclists can be especially vulnerable in accidents involving other types of motor vehicles, making current research and development of vehicle-to-vehicle communications a potential stepping stone to improved motorcycle safety. Although the V2V technology is being developed with light vehicles in mind, the extension of this application to motorcycles is a reasonable consideration.

V2V addresses a wide variety of driving risks ranging from inattentive drivers to visual obstructions. The technology facilitates communications between the vehicles, identifying risks through the exchange of data. Speed and position are communicated multiple times each second, providing situational awareness in a 360-degree range of a vehicle outfitted with V2V communications. The potential for such technology to help motorcyclists is significant as some of the most serious safety issues include those in which a motorist is unable to see a motorcycle as it turns. Visibility in general is one of the leading contributing factors to collisions involving motorcycles and other vehicles.

Nearly 3,000 vehicles from various manufacturers participated in a major test of V2V technology in 2012. The evaluation took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan, allowing for real-world performance to be observed and measured. Results indicate that V2V works well as different makes and models of vehicles are able to successfully interact. At the same time, personal information is protected as the systems only communicate safety data. It is reasonable to expect that such technology will eventually extend to motorcycles as well as other forms of transportation.

Because visibility does present such a high risk to motorcyclists, defensive driving can be important. However, good safety practices alone may not prevent a wreck. If a motorist is distracted or otherwise careless in the moments leading up to an accident that results in a motorcyclist suffering injuries, there is the possibility that a personal injury action may be warranted.

Source: Ultimate MotorCycling Magazine, “Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for Motorcycles?”, Gary Ilminen, Jan. 6, 2015

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