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US Navy Member Kills 4 People in Reckless Driving Accident

Posted on November 10, 2016

The Coronado bridge provides one of the most beautiful skylines of downtown San Diego. While driving over this 200 foot tall bridge that gives views of downtown to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Mexico to the south, and mountains to the east, a US Navy member stationed on the famous naval base at Coronado drove his truck into a crowd celebrating a festival last. The sailor’s reckless behavior resulted in the wrongful death of four people, and injury to an additional nine.

The sailor is now being charged with driving under the influence, resulting in the personal injury or wrongful death to another. It is unclear how the truck and its driver lost control, however, it plunged 60 feet off of the expanse of the Coronado bridge before landing in a park that sits close to the base of the bridge, which was hosting a gathering for a local group of bikers.

Alcohol Use and the Military

Unfortunately, the abuse of alcohol is a problem faced by many active duty service members. Notably, in a survey performed in 2008, nearly half of active service members reported binge drinking at some point that year, a percentage that had increased by over 10% from the previous decade. Additionally, a fifth of those members said they had binge drank every week over the past month, something much less common in the general population of civilians. While the blood alcohol content of the sailor who killed four off the Coronado bridge has not been released, the accident, which occurred at 3:30pm, was suspected to be the result of driving under the influence.

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