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Uber Driver Assaulted by Car Passenger

Posted on December 18, 2016

Rideshare services have become incredibly popular, not only in big cities but in suburban neighborhoods and communities as well. Driving for a rideshare services provides someone who owns a car, a license, and a clean criminal history, an opportunity to make some extra money, regardless of their profession. Since applications like Uber and Lyft have become so widely used, drivers tend to get a wide variety of passengers, however, not all provide a great experience. Some Uber rides have resulted in car accidents and even personal injury

The Miami Doctor

In a video that went viral earlier this year, a fourth-year medical residency student attacked an Uber driver after he refused to drive her. The Uber driver was at the location, driving for Uber, but was there to pick up another customer, and when he refused to drive the residency student home, she sat in the car and started to discard the driver’s possessions from the car, including an cellphone, scissors, and multiple papers. She then proceeded to verbally berate the driver, slap and knee him in the groin. The young women has since lost her job working in the Jackson Health System as a fourth-year neurology resident. The Uber driver decided to not press charges and to forgive the young woman for her actions.

The Taco Bell Executive

A similar incident happened when a Taco Bell Executive attacked his Uber driver in an intoxicated rampage, of which the passenger claims to have no memory. The passenger became violent when the driver ended his ride for being belligerently intoxicated. The Uber driver eventually resorted to pepper spraying the executive in an effort to stop the attack and protect himself. The police ended up arresting the man for misdemeanor assault and suspicion of misdemeanor public intoxication. Like the young doctor, this incident was also caught on tape and released to the public, leading the executive to make a public apology to the driver.

Tulsa Auto Accident Attorney 

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