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Tulsa Wrongful Death Lawyer

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when your loved one’s death is the result of another’s negligence. As an experienced personal injury attorney, I focus on the legal issues leading toward maximum possible compensation for grieving families so that they can focus on moving forward with their lives. I am Charles Bryan Alred, and I have been practicing law in Tulsa, Oklahoma, since 1987.

Muskogee Wrongful Death Attorney

When accidents result in death, the responsible party must be held accountable. I represent families who have lost loved ones in accidents of all types such as:

Compensation cannot bring back your loved one. However, it can replace the wages he or she would have earned and help you put aside money for your child’s college fund or your future long-term care. It can also cover funeral and burial expenses. Additionally, wrongful death suits can send strong messages that negligence is unacceptable.

A loved one’s death causes great emotional turmoil. Dealing with an insurance adjuster will compound your feelings of anxiety. By allowing a lawyer like me to handle work with the insurance company, you can focus on your family — while I focus on obtaining the compensation that you deserve.

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