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The Dangers of Road Rage

Posted on December 27, 2016

Traffic puts a strain on all drivers; everyone wants to get to their destination without any interruption. Some drivers on the road become more enraged than others while experiencing a frustrating driving condition and act out against another driver in anger. Road rage can lead to serious car accidents and even personal injury

How Road Rage Starts

Most road rage cases start out the same; there is an altercation between two drivers while attempting to navigate a roadway, which ends in one of them performing an illegal or risky driving move to get ahead of other vehicles. Road rage generally results in aggressive behavior including rude gestures, verbal and physical threats, and actual violence.

An Example of Road Rage

A Missouri mom was recently shot and killed by another driver, all while her two young sons watched from the car. The altercation was said to be the result of road rage. While the story of how the shooting unfolded is not clear, the other driver took out a gun from his car after both were stopped and shot at the mother, killing her and leaving bullet holes in her windshield. The driver is being charged with murder in the second degree, after fleeing from the scene of the crime.

Oklahoma Road Rage

In another case, in Oklahoma, a man is being charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, resulting from an altercation stemming from road rage. The driver of one car was traveling under the speed limit when the aggressor attempted to get him to change lanes; and, when that did not happen, the aggressor quickly sped up in front of the other driver, consistently brake checking the driver in an effort to get into an accident. Consequently, the aggressor rammed the other driver, causing her car to go off the road. As tensions continue to grow, courts and lawmakers are looking into these cases more seriously in an effort to give suggestion for reform. 

Call A Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney Who Cares

Driving can be stressful task for all of us on a daily basis, however, these tentious situations should never escalate to the level of violence. If another driver has caused injury to you or someone you know due to road rage or distracted driving, we will fight for you. Call the office of Charles Bryan Alred, PC to discuss your injuries and any possible defenses. You can get your free initial consultation by contacting our office using our website or calling us at 918-745-9960