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Teen Hospitalized in City Truck Accident, Police Investigating

Posted on July 21, 2015

On behalf of Charles Bryan Alred, PC posted in Truck Accidents on Tuesday, July 21, 2015.

At last report, police were still investigating a crash that recently took place between a truck operated by one of Oklahoma’s cities and a bicyclist. The 15-year-old suffered serious injuries in the truck accident. His last known condition was considered to be fair.

According to a witness, the teen and his younger brother were riding their bikes near the city truck. Somehow, the boy was struck by it. The witness might not have seen the impact itself but heard a crash and then screams.

The boy was face down on the ground and not moving. The teen tried to get up after two people managed to roll him over onto his back. They managed to make sure he stayed calm until help arrived. Emergency responders decided that his injuries were serious enough to warrant him being flown from the scene in Duncan to a hospital in Oklahoma City.

Police closed the intersection for a couple of hours while they worked to recreate the accident. No information was given regarding the driver of the Duncan Power truck involved in the crash. Reports did not indicate whether the investigation could lead to any charges.

The boy’s recovery could take some time. During that time, his family could incur a significant amount of medical expenses while he is in the hospital and after he is released, since he may require significant aftercare. A personal injury claim filed on behalf of the victim against all of the parties who may share some responsibility for the truck accident could result in monetary compensation for damages sustained as a result.

Source: kswo.com, “City truck seriously injures teen during accident“, July 17, 2015

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