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Tasing and High Speed Chases

Posted on September 25, 2019

A high speed chase ended for a Texas man when police were forced to tase the suspect as he fled on foot down the middle of a busy interstate highway. The suspect and his accomplice were originally apprehended at a nearby department store, where they were caught attempting to take more than $2,000 worth of clothing. The department store was on notice that the two suspects were frequent suspected shoplifters of the store, which made them easily identifiable. The situation quickly escalated into a pursuit of one of the suspects, which turned into a helicopter pursuit captured on video by local news stations. While one of the thieves was arrested inside the store, the other panicked and drove away, which ended quickly when the suspect ended up driving the wrong way on an interstate highway.

The suspect jumped the median, then ran down the highway, falling in front of a number of cars who luckily were able to miss him. Once he jumped the median, police officers in pursuit tased the suspect in front to stop the suspect from continuing into traffic in the oncoming direction. Police pulled the suspect to the service road where paramedics assessed the suspect, and then took him into police custody. The suspect now faces charges of theft and evading arrest.


To be charged with theft, the defendant must meet the following elements:

  • The unlawful and wrongful taking of another, without consent,
  • The carrying away of the property,
  • The property of which belonged to another, and
  • The thief intended to deprive the owner of permanently.

Evading Arrest

There are various degrees in which someone can be charged with evading arrest. The prosecution must prove the defendant is guilty of these factors if they seek to charge them with either a misdemeanor or felony.   

  • A Class A misdemeanor: the individual must have intentionally fled from police officer or a federal investigator who was attempting to arrest or detain him or her.
  • State jail felony: the individual must previously have had a charge of evading arrest or the individual used a motorized vehicle or watercraft in fleeing.
  • A 3rd degree felony: the individual must have used a car or boat while fleeing and must have been charged with evading arrest before, or the individual must have caused another to be seriously injured as a result of the individual’s fleeing.

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