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Tanker Truck Accidents

Posted on July 24, 2017

Tanker trucks are the most common means of transporting liquid cargo (like oil and other petroleum products) in the United States. Oftentimes that liquid cargo is flammable, which increases the likelihood of a fire or explosion if the truck is involved in an accident. Other dangers associated with tanker trucks include:

  • Leaks and spills — the cargo could leak or spill out of the truck if the tanker isn’t closed properly or if the tanker is defective. Spills can be dangerous both to the tanker and to other vehicles. Spills can also be dangerous for the environment and public health, depending on the nature of the cargo.
  • Sloshing — if the tanker isn’t carrying a full load then its liquid cargo can slosh around, making it more difficult for the driver to maintain control of the truck. That’s because sloshing liquid can suddenly change the vehicle’s weight distribution, making it more likely that the tanker roll to one side.
  • Chemical reactions — depending on the type of cargo that the tanker is carrying, the driver and anyone else involved in a tanker truck accident should be wary of chemical burns and other chemical reactions. Additionally, anyone in the surrounding area could be affected if the truck is carrying radioactive materials (this is similar to the leaks/spills concern described above).

Examples of Tanker Truck Accidents in Oklahoma

On June 26, a tanker truck traveling north on Highway 11 in Tulsa County collided with an SUV, shutting down the highway in both directions for two hours. The tanker lay across the highway and caused a small leak, but officials said the leak was contained and wouldn’t cause any environmental issues.

In May, a tanker truck accident on Highway 75 in Jenks, Oklahoma, injured three people (including the truck driver) and blocked traffic in both directions. The truck was carrying water when it rolled onto its side, hitting five other vehicles.

In February, a 68-year-old firefighter lost control of a tanker truck while en route to a structure fire in Leach, Oklahoma. The truck ran off the road, and the driver overcorrected, rolling the truck over. The firefighter was thrown from the vehicle and pinned underneath it for two hours. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

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