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Types of Damages Available After a Car Accident

A car accident can significantly change your life. It can cause damages that will affect you for years to come. Your injuries might also affect your relationships with your family and your ability to work. Thankfully, Oklahoma allows for various types of money damages after a car accident. These damages are designed to compensate you […]

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Tulsa Police Continue Investigation in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Tulsa Police Continue Investigation in Fatal Motorcycle Crash   On July 8, 2020, several people were involved in a motorcycle accident near 71st and Mingo in Tulsa. One man is dead, and at least one woman was injured because of the crash. Tulsa police continue to investigate this fatal motorcycle crash. In this accident, the motorcyclist […]

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Winter Weather in Tulsa, OK Means Increased Risk of Motor Vehicle Crashes

Another round of severe winter weather is on its way to Northeastern Oklahoma, according to Tulsa’s NBC affiliate News Channel 2 KJRH, which reported that the city is well-prepared to handle precipitation and blizzard conditions. With crews covering 35 snow removal routes, equipment to clear 2,000 miles of roadway, and 12,500 tons of salt, officials […]

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Tulsa Vehicular Manslaughter, Murder in the Second Degree and How They Differ

Every state differs in how they choose to define the legal repercussions for the death of another as the result of a car accident, and it differs even more for penalties for drunk driving resulting in vehicular homicide. Oklahoma has one of the most lenient standards; a negligent homicide charge provides not more than one […]

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