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Suspects in Tulsa Hit-and-Run Accidents Arrested

Posted on January 15, 2018

On December 10, 2018, Tulsa police arrested two suspects involved in two separate hit-and-run accidents.

In the first incident, 24-year-old Kevin Boston was taken into custody after fleeing the scene of an accident. He was on the 3300 block of East Pine Street. Officers arriving on the scene observed a vehicle with significant damage, and Boston’s truck nearby stuck on a fence. Boston had fled the scene, however, officers later found him.

In the second crash, police arrested 38-year-old Monty Bell who sped through a stop sign; which resulted in striking another vehicle, near Harvard and Pine. The victim in the other vehicle was taken to the hospital; as a result of injuries. Bell was identified thanks to witnesses who described his vehicle speeding through a marked stop sign.

Boston is now facing multiple charges, including leaving the scene of an injury accident.

As well as,  failure to stop at a red light, and driving under the influence. Bell is also facing multiple charges; including driving without a driver’s license, running a stop sign, and felony hit and run.

If not for the witnesses in the second case, officers may not have arrested Bell.  Tulsa auto accident attorney Charles Bryan Alred points out, “Witness statements play an important role in identifying hit-and-run drivers. Even if the at-fault driver has no valid insurance that can compensate the victim for their injuries, he or she can be charged criminally; which can have long-lasting legal consequences. If you witness an accident, don’t assume what you saw is insignificant or that someone else will come forward. Contact the police with whatever information you have, as it could be a key piece of information that helps them locate a hit-and-run driver like these cases.”

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a study earlier this year indicating that more than one hit-and-run crash takes place every minute on roads around the country. Because there are 682,000 hit-and-run crashes each year; there were 2,049 fatalities, in 2016. Resulting the highest number on record; representing a 60 percent increase in the last five years. This means it’s even more important for all drivers to employ defensive driver tactics and report any personal witness accounts of hit-and-run accidents.

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