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Spare Tire, Speeding Play Roles In 2-Vehicle Wreck In Tulsa

Posted on April 16, 2014

A serious car accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma has left numerous people in critical condition. The wreck occurred on the Broken Arrow Expressway when a car was stopped on the freeway. Apparently the vehicle’s spare tire came loose, causing the unorthodox stop. Another vehicle came barreling towards the stopped vehicle and was unable to brake in time. The SUV collided with the stopped vehicle and caused a vicious collision. It is unknown how many people were taken to the hospital after the wreck, but there were six people in the stopped vehicle and one person in the other vehicle.

There are a few elements to this car accident that need to be highlighted, and the first is the number of people in the vehicle that was struck.

According to police, the vehicle could only safely hold five people — yet there were six inside. Some of the people in the vehicle were children. This points to a poor decision by the driver of this vehicle to allow an unsafe number of people into his or her vehicle.

Secondly, there is a possibility that the SUV that struck the vehicle with six people in it was speeding. Police said that this vehicle approached “at a high rate of speed.” It is unclear if they were merely remarking that the SUV was traveling fast because the accident occurred on a freeway or because the SUV was traveling at an unsafe speed. If it is the latter, the driver could be held liable.

Last but not least, this accident will be investigated by the police. An accident investigation takes some time to complete. Investigators have to take statements, meet with witnesses, collect evidence at the scene and recreate the accident. It may take weeks, or even months, until they release a definitive conclusion about the wreck.

Source: KTUL, “Major Car Accident Shuts Down Parts of B.A. Expressway,” Ana Lastra, April 12, 2014

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