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Shoulder Injuries After an Oklahoma Car Accident

Posted on February 10, 2015

People may suffer from many injuries after they are in a motor vehicle accident, and shoulder injuries after a crash can be serious as fractures could result. Bones like the scapula or clavicle could fracture after a collision. When bones in the shoulder break or fracture, this is usually the result of a direct blow.

The shoulder blade is less likely to fracture because it is protected, but a car crash occurring at a high-speed could cause this injury. This may be more serious because since chest injuries might also take place.

The symptoms one might experience after breaking a bone in the shoulder depend on where the fracture occurs, but they can include a sensation like grinding when moving the shoulder, bruising, an inability to move the shoulder and pain. If the collarbone is fractured, signs might include a bump where the collarbone is, swelling in the same area and some limited motion in the shoulder. Movement is more limited when the top of the upper arm bone breaks, and one would also likely experience intense pain and a very swollen shoulder. In addition to pain and swelling, the area around the shoulder blade could also be severely bruised when the shoulder blade is broken.

Broken bones are serious enough to warrant medical treatment immediately to help ensure that they heal correctly and no permanent damage occurs. Though injuries like this can be costly, one may be able to seek compensation from another driver if an accident was caused due to negligence. This allows the victim to recover expenses lost due to medical bills and time off from work. When considering filing a personal injury claim, the guidance of an attorney can be valuable.

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