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School Dances, Drinking & Responsible Driving

Posted on November 26, 2016

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There are usually two major dances a year that high school students look forward to: the homecoming dance that follows homecoming sporting events such as football and soccer, as well as the spring dance many schools call Prom. These dances are a time for students to get together in groups, get dressed up, and have fun celebrating, however, they can come with a lot of expectation for many students. Some of these expectations include other students peer pressuring the friend group to experiment with alcohol. While lessons learned during your high school years can be very formative, pressure to fit in leads many students to succumb to peer requests and try alcohol. Their continued feeling of independence and fear of repercussions by adults leads some students to attempt operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol, a very deadly combination. In fact, 22% of teen drivers who were in fatal car accidents had alcohol in their systems.

Schools are Fighting Back

The use of alcohol in association with school events such as homecoming dances or games is not just something popular in movies, and schools are taking notice. This year, schools throughout the country tried a new technique in order to deter students from drinking at school events and from drinking underage. These schools are implementing breathalyzer tests that will be required in order for a student to enter the school function. The reaction from students has tended to be positive thus far in the schools that have tried this technique, which has encouraged other school systems to invest in the technology and police assistance required for these tests.

Additionally, many schools rely on the shock factor in order to get students’ attention; notably, many schools have chosen to show exactly what kind of impact can be seen when a drunk driver fatally hits another vehicle by displaying an actual wrecked car that was found in the aftermath of a drunk driving accident. Many of these mangled vehicles leave lasting impressions high school age kids who have not thought through the dangerous behavior. One school in Arizona even had a mock car accident that showed the aftermath of driving with impaired motor skills.

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