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Road Rage, Aggressive Driving Causes Accidents

Posted on August 14, 2017

Most drivers have exhibited extreme anger or road rage while behind the wheel, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). In fact, almost 80 percent of drivers admitted to expressing road rage, aggression or significant anger during a recent one-year period. Examples of road rage behaviors include:

  • Tailgating, which is also known as riding someone’s bumper or failing to maintain a safe distance between vehicles;
  • Cutting off other drivers;
  • Making obscene hand gestures at other drivers; and
  • Aggressive honking.

Not surprisingly, such behaviors frequently contribute to car crashes, injuries and even fatalities. Here are a few recent examples.

Road Rage Incidents

A man recently died in Oklahoma County when he swerved in front of a semi-truck and lost control of his vehicle. He drove off the side of the road and his car turned over, partially ejecting him. He died at the scene of the accident. A Highway Patrol trooper said that road rage was a factor in the accident.

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a driver’s dash camera caught a June 2017 road rage incident on camera. This was an “almost” accident that demonstrates the dangers of aggressive driving. The video shows a truck following a car in the left lane of State Highway 51. The car moves one lane over, while the truck moves two lanes over before swerving toward the car’s right side. The car moves back into the left lane, but the truck driver speeds up to get ahead of the car. Then the truck driver slams on the brakes, which causes the car to almost hit the driver with the dash camera.

A recent road rage incident in Los Angeles caused an actual accident. A sedan cut off a motorcyclist on the 14 Freeway, and the situation escalated from there. The motorcyclist kicked the side of the sedan, which then swerved toward the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist avoided getting hit, but the sedan lost control, hit the median and crashed into another vehicle, which ended up on the roof the sedan. One person was taken to the hospital with injuries. A passenger in another vehicle captured most of the incident on a cellphone video.

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