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Police Believe Man Was Driving 52 mph Over the Speed Limit

Posted on October 20, 2014

Police announced their analysis of a black box from a Camaro that was involved in a vehicle collision on Sept. 26 demonstrates that the man driving the Camaro was traveling 52 mph above the speed limit before he hit another vehicle on 71st Street at the intersection with Evanston Road in South Tulsa. The impact of the collision allegedly caused both cars to fly from the roadway and into some surrounding trees.

An 81-year-old woman who was stopped to make a left turn was killed in the accident when the Camaro hit her car. Police have reported that the Camaro driver never applied his brakes. The man had reportedly just went over the top of a hill on the road when he hit the woman, and police state the woman who died would have had no time to react.

Following the accident, police had questioned a third driver who some witnesses had indicated may have been involved in a road rage incident with the Camaro’s driver, but that person was released. The Camaro’s driver was transported to the hospital for treatment of the injuries. He allegedly had been traveling at 97 mph before the accident and struck the woman’s car at 66 mph. Police have yet to file criminal charges in the case.

When a person’s reckless driving causes the death of another individual in a car accident, they may face liability for the damages suffered by family of the person who was killed in the crash. Those families may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney who has experience in wrongful death cases because that attorney’s advice may help them recover both compensatory and punitive compensation for damages.

Source: NewsOn6.com, “Police: Excessive Speed Causes Fatal Tulsa Crash“, October 17, 2014

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