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Personal Injury Resulting from Pokemon Go

Posted on August 5, 2016

Many millennials were excited to see Pokemon, the game so popular in the early 2000s, come back to life in the form of an application for mobile devices. However, unlike the original that came out decades ago, this application is a location-based augmented reality mobile game. This game uses the GPS and camera on your phone to provide an interactive game in which the user finds Pokemon at different locations and captures them. With over 30 million downloads since its debut and $35 million in net revenue thus far, it is not surprising that everywhere you turn, someone is chasing a Pokemon.

Personal Injury Resulting From the Game

However, the game has led to some unforeseen consequences that have resulted in very serious injury to many. When the game loads, a warning sign appears letting users known they should always pay attention to their surroundings, yet so many have ignored this message that one Wisconsin highway sign recently read “Drive Now Catch Pokemon Later.” Additionally, two men in San Diego walked off a cliff while trying to catch Pokemon, falling down over 75 feet and thereafter having to be rescued by officers used a rope to pull them up. A young high school girl was struck by a vehicle when she walked across a busy major highway attempting to catch the characters and sustained collarbone and foot injuries. Her mother maintains that the makers of Pokemon Go are responsible for her daughter’s injuries.

Not only are injuries happening as a result of being engulfed in the game, but criminals are taking advantage of the popularity of the new game as well. The application has been used to lure in users to fight in virtual gyms that get unlocked after a certain level is crossed, only to be robbed or assaulted by those criminals. Additionally, it has posed a huge public nuisance in landmark areas such as the United States Holocaust Museum and Arlington Cemetery, as well as Auschwitz Memorial in Poland, dedicated to the millions of lives lost during World War II.

It is still unclear where the game maker’s liability remains in all of these accidents; however, it is certain that we are all responsible for becoming aware of our surroundings and acting responsibly while gaming.

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