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Personal Injury Due To Recall

Posted on August 1, 2020

Although the Takata airbag recall went out in 2014, more than 12 million cars still have these ticking time bombs lurking inside.

Not enough cars are being brought in and the repairs are not going fast enough to make a dent in the numbers. This leaves many at risk of severe injury and death — and it does not even take a collision to result in devastation.

Takata Airbag Risks

Takata airbags have the potential to explode and fling metal debris in all directions when they inflate. Although this obviously happens in the event of a collision, it can also occur during periods of high temperatures and humidity levels.

When this occurs, the resulting injuries are absolutely devastating. Disfiguring wounds to the face and head, loss of eyesight, and even death have occurred with stunning regularity. More than two dozen people have been killed by these defective airbags with many more to follow if the problem is left unaddressed.

A Need for Prompt Repairs

As soon as the recall was announced, letters went out to car owners to inform them of the need for airbag replacement in their vehicles. They just have to bring their cars into the dealership or other authorized facility to have the repairs completed for free.

Unfortunately, manufacturers cannot secure correct registration data for older vehicles affected by the recall. The letters went out to the wrong parties as a result, leaving the real owners in the dark about the dangers of continuing to drive their vehicles.

Online Tool Rollout

To help automakers track down these vehicles, Auto Alliance helped roll out a tool that lets everyone in the auto industry lookup the affected VINs. Used car dealers, auto repair shops, and car owners themselves can navigate to the site to see if the vehicle in question needs airbag replacement. Better yet, the site also identifies other recalled parts potentially still on that vehicle to help keep drivers safe.

Where to Get Help If You are Injured

The severity of the injuries caused by defective Takata airbags resulted in a class-action suit, but not all do. If you were injured due to defective parts on your car, you can reach out to a car accident lawyer for support. Your lawyer helps hold car manufacturers and other responsible parties accountable for the injuries. With their support, you can seek compensation for your injuries, so you are not left having to handle the losses on your own. Contact Charles Bryan Alred P.C. today to learn more.