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Pedestrian Killed In High-Speed Chase

Posted on January 17, 2016

The newest 2016 Toyota Prius commercial is an exciting ride for viewers, showing a story of bank robbers traveling across America, out-maneuvering cops, and going the distance with their vehicle’s fuel efficiency features. However glamorous and thrilling this commercial may be, the reality of high-speed police chases are much more dangerous for those involved, especially the innocent bystander who may become the victim.

Who is at Fault for a pedestrian killed during a hot pursuit?

The driver, who hit the pedestrian, especially if it was the criminal being chased, is most probable to being responsible for the pedestrian’s death. If the driver was the criminal, unfortunately, it still may not be much help to you and your family in seeking a claim. If this person is unable to pay the claim, no matter how high it goes, then you are still at square one for your losses. However, if the driver was a police officer, and they were not following protocol, the police department would then be held partially or fully liable.

Is it considered wrongful death?

Yes, the death of the pedestrian can be considered wrongful death and family members who file a wrongful death can be awarded large settlements for the loss and altercation that has occurred because of that loss.

What happens when a pedestrian is killed during a high-speed police chase?

If you are not able to get awarded properly for your case there is The Victims of Crime program. This program can sometimes help aid in relief to victims experiencing the aftermath of crime that does not give adequate or any compensation for losses.

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