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OHP Received Calls of An Erratic Driver Prior to Fatal Accident

Posted on August 11, 2015

On behalf of Charles Bryan Alred, PC posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Sometime before 6 p.m. on a Friday evening, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol received several calls regarding a vehicle erratically moving through traffic. Units were dispatched, but they were unable to locate the vehicle in question before they received a call just after 6 p.m. which informed troopers that a fatal accident occurred. It turned out that the vehicle they were searching for was involved in that crash.

The vehicle was heading east on the Will Rogers Turnpike in the westbound lanes. The car smashed into a black pickup truck that burst into flames on impact. The wrong-way vehicle then crashed into a yellow pickup truck, which veered off the roadway. A third vehicle barely escaped being involved in the crash.

Witnesses say they knew right away that the wrong-way driver suffered fatal injuries and died in the impact. The driver of the black truck, a 40-year-old man, lost consciousness, and bystanders attempted to perform CPR. Despite their efforts, the man succumbed to the injuries he suffered in the crash. The three men in the yellow pickup truck did not appear to be seriously injured and refused treatment from emergency medical personnel on the scene.

Troopers may never understand why the driver of the car was going the wrong way, but that piece of information may not be necessary in order to establish negligence on her part in a wrongful death claim filed in the aftermath of this fatal accident. Enough evidence may be available for an Oklahoma civil court to determine that the woman’s actions were the cause of death of the other driver and to enter a monetary judgment against the woman’s estate in favor of the victim’s family. Moreover, if one or more of the men from the other vehicle turn out to have suffered an injury of which they were not aware at the scene, a personal injury claim may be filed against the estate as well.

Source: newson6.com, “Wrong-Way Driver Causes Crash On Turnpike Leaving Two Dead, OHP“, July 31, 2015

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