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Multi-Vehicle Car Accidents

Posted on February 1, 2017

Car accidents that involve more than two vehicles can cause numerous injuries, to the drivers, passengers and even to pedestrians.

For example, in January 2017 a Tulsa driver crashed into two other vehicles that were stopped at a light. The driver caused the accident when he overcorrected his vehicle. Even though his car rolled, it was a passenger in one of the stopped cars who was injured and sent to the hospital. The driver received a ticket for inattentive driving, which is a common cause of car accidents.

A multi-vehicle accident in Oklahoma City sent two children to the hospital. They and two other pedestrians were involved in the accident.

In December 2016 a three-car accident on Highway 33 in Sapulpa sent several people to the hospital. The first car swerved into a second car, which rolled over multiple times. The first car then ran into a third car, and both cars caught on fire. The second car had four occupants and the third car had five occupants.

In October 2016 there was also a multi-car crash in Oklahoma City involving pedestrians. A pickup truck stopped to make a left turn and was rear-ended. The drivers were talking outside of their vehicles when another truck rear-ended the car, pushing both vehicles into oncoming traffic and causing another collision. Four people were taken to the hospital with injuries, including the two original drivers.

Who Is at Fault In a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Different states have different standards for determining who is at fault in a car accident and what drivers are allowed to receive in compensation. Oklahoma follows the modified comparative fault system to determine what a driver is entitled to recover after a multi-vehicle crash. If the driver is 50 percent or less at fault then he may recover compensation. However, if the driver is more than 50 percent at fault then he will not be able to recover compensation from the other drivers, even if he has suffered an injury.

In the Salpupa example, the first car is likely more than 50 percent at fault for the three-car crash and would not be entitled to compensation from the other drivers for his injuries.

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