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Motorcycle Accidents and Break Failures

Posted on August 18, 2016

Debatably the most popular brand of motorcycles in the United States is under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to the 40+ complaints received regarding the motorcycle’s brake system failing without any warning. Thus far, three crashes and two serious personal injuries have been reported due to the issue, but narrow accidents have been missed, due to riders ability to recognize a problem and guide the bike accordingly. The reports have made various claims, including minimal braking impact, only one brake working, loss of both front brakes and back brakes, and front brake inoperable after starting the engine.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Come Under Investigation

The investigation would cover over 430,000 motorcycles made by Harley Davidson, model years 2008 to 2011, which all contain the same anti-lock braking system that may be defective. This is not the first recall investigation Harley Davidson has been subject to this decade. In 2014, there was a recall of over 60,000 motorcycles due to malfunctioning brakes engaging without warning.

Harley Davidson is aware of the issue and investigation by the NHTSA. The bike manufacturer alleges that those bikes may have experienced brake failure due to not having had their brake fluid changed after two years, like the motorcycle maker recommends. Apparently, old brake fluid can contain moisture from the air that can damage the actuator valves in the braking system, leading to the defect, as Harley-Davidson claims. While this is factor is under in investigation, many are skeptical as to whether this justification can hold truth in Harley Davidson’s case but not with other motorcycles.

Harley Davidson is not the only motorcycle company that has had to recently recall their motorcycles due to defective parts. Honda Motor Co. recalled about 145,000 of their bikes in the United States for problems with the rear brakes dragging, although not engaged, which had the potential to start a fire. The car and motorcycle maker plans to replace all of the defective parts that may be associated with increased risk of crash.

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