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Monitor Your Social Media During a Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted on October 25, 2016

Social media use is a daily part of a large portion of Americans lives, whether it is sharing a picture on Instagram, a post on Facebook, a short message on Twitter, or a story on SnapChat. While these outlets can help you quickly connect and inform others regarding a life event, everything you post on these accounts can be used in court during a lawsuit, if relevant to a case. Once you become a party to a lawsuit, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, you should not only actively think about your posts going forward, but also take a look at your previous posts and assess what kind of message they send about you and your lifestyle.

What You Should Avoid

While being a party to an accident can be a very emotional for those involved, it is best to refrain, or at most, keep the information you release to your friends, followers, and the public, brief and factual. It is also beneficial to limit your account settings to be on a private account, and thus only viewable by certain individuals. Anything written by you, either to another individual in a private message, or publicly posted can be used. These public posts also call into question the confidentiality of your case if you have publicly discussed your medical condition, any financial trouble, or anything else you thought would only stay confidential with your attorney. Also, monitor the pictures or videos tagged of you and those that you are posting; the opposing party may attempt to use that data in an effort to claim your injury is not what you are claiming it is.

What Others Post

While a comment you made to a friend, picture you posted or story you were involved in may seem innocent, if the insurance company gets ahold of what you have to say about their car insurance coverage or about your condition, they may misinterpret your claim, which can greatly affect your outcome. If others post pictures of you, you can kindly ask them to take them down if you think they would confuse those who are not privy to the picture’s timeline or ask them to clarify when and where the picture was taken. Additionally, if you cannot temporarily suspend your account, limit your activity as much as possible, which includes status updates about your location.

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