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Jeep Subject to Recall Results in Death of Actor

Posted on August 8, 2016

In April 2016, Fiat Chrysler issued a recall of 1.1 million vehicles throughout the world due to an issue with the automatic transmission. The transmission was found to shift gears back into the gear they were put into prior to park, as a result of a faulty electronic shift lever on the console. This problem is not evident when the driver gets out of the car, and it can only be caught when looking at the indicator lights on the vehicle, which has become particularly alarming to many drivers.

Star Trek Actor Killed by Jeep

This issue gained national attention when Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin was reportedly killed when his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled back onto him in his driveway after he parked it, pinning him between the fence and his vehicle and crushing him. The case is still being investigated, however, all the evidence thus far leads investigators to believe the recalled automotive part played a role in the accident. It is unclear whether the actor knew of the recall since notices were sent out via mail and the owners of such vehicles were not personally contacted due to privacy law.

This same problem has resulted in over 210 different accidents, with roughly 300 claims of property damage due to the gear selector issue. The injuries range in severity but have caused broken ribs and a fractured pelvis, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While there has not been an official notice released regarding the recall of the selector gear, Fiat Chrysler did release a notice warning of the possibility in May of 2016. The notice advised car owners to make sure the car is in the correct gear and then to also pull up the parking brake as they await proper replacement parts for these vehicles.

The Vehicles Affected

Of the 1.1 million vehicles affected, over 810,000 of those were sold here in the United States. The models that Fiat Chrysler seeks to recall include the 2012 to 2014 Dodge Charger, the Chrysler 300, and the 2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. The newest model years of these vehicles have a new type of gear selector system that is designed to combat any similar issues.

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