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The Importance of Tire Safety

Posted on October 23, 2017

Although many car accidents are caused by drivers who fail to pay attention to the road, speed,  traffic laws, a surprising number of crashes are the result of tire-related problems. In fact, the  Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that around nine percent of all car accidents involve some type of tire safety issue. To learn more about collecting or break National compensation for your own crash-related losses, please contact a member of our car accident legal team to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced attorney.

Defining Tire Maintenance

Most tire-related car crashes involve blown tires. These types of accidents are not always preventable, especially if the problem involved a defect in the tire’s design or assembly. However, an alarming number of these kinds of car crashes are caused by tire problems that could have been addressed through proper maintenance, such as regular inspections, tire rotation, and replacement. Failing to take these steps can lead to the following types of problems:

  • Bald tires;
  • Blowouts;
  • Tread separation; and
  • Under inflation.

All of these types of issues can lead to serious accidents. Under inflating a tire, for instance, makes it much more difficult for a driver to steer and can also place stress on other tire components.

Precautionary Measures

Inspecting tires can be instrumental to preventing car crashes. Further, these types of inspections do not need to be conducted by professionals. Instead, drivers can help prevent accidents by taking the following steps themselves:

  • Checking tire pressure every month;
  • Inspecting tires for patterns that indicate uneven wear;
  • Checking tires for cracks;
  • Removing glass, rocks, and other objects from the tire tread;
  • Making sure that all tire valves have caps; and
  • Attempting to avoid potholes and other road hazards when driving.

Rubber degrades over time, so drivers are also encouraged to replace their tires at least every six to ten years, although most drivers will need to purchase new tires before this if there is evidence of tire wear or damaged tire treads. Failing to perform proper maintenance or replace old tires can have serious consequences, as tire aging contributes to the injuries of as many as 3,200 people every year.

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