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How Truck Accidents Differ From Auto Accidents

Posted on January 30, 2016

A few years ago, The Federal Motor Carrier Administration did a study on accidents involving semis or commercial trucks and found some staggering results. They found that accidents involving a semi or commercial truck caused 4,321 deaths, 77,000 injuries, and 287,000 property damage claims in 2006. It should be no surprise that the FMCA also found that whenever a semi or commercial truck was involved in an accident, a much greater damage was caused than if it was a smaller vehicle. The reason for this is because the trucks are bigger and heavier than your average vehicle.

To understand trucking accidents we must take a look at the unique aspects that contribute to the damage they cause:

  • Jackknifing – Whenever a truck jackknifes the driver has too little time to react. By the time the jackknife occurs it is  often too late. A truck is most likely to jackknife whenever the front brakes are removed or de-powered.
  • Fuel Fires – A truck can often catch fire because its diesel came into contact with a battery spark. Drivers can avoid this by protecting the battery from the accident and keep it from being crushed.
  • Rollovers – Rollovers may be the number one cause of injury or death during a semi or commercial truck accident. This occurs when a truck is hit or immediately changes directions at a high rate of speed.
  • Blind Spots – Most truck drivers are trained to be extra cautious before changing lanes, but there are still some smaller cars that can be missed in their line of vision. Being caught between another vehicle and a large truck that is changing lanes can result in serious injury. It is wise not to spend a lot of time next to large trucks on the highway.
  • Tire Blowouts – It is occasional that a tire may compress and give into the high pressure of a weighty load. A great way to avoid being subject to a suddenly slowing truck or even a random piece of tire on the highway, be sure to give some extra space between the back end of the truck and your own vehicle.

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