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Hospitals are Paying the Price for Their Fatal Mistakes In A Birth

Posted on April 10, 2016

A suffering and newlywed couple is suing two Cooley Dickinson Hospital (CDH) doctors over an alleged improperly performed birth that left their newborn daughter with cerebral palsy. The couple filed the lawsuit earlier this year in the Hampshire Superior Court. According to the lawsuit, the doctors, Jay Sprong and Lisa Stephens, neglected to explain the risks of a vaginal birth after a previous Cesarean delivery.

The newborn’s mother was admitted to Cooley Dickinson Hospital in 2013. She alleges that when her water broke, one of the doctors told her she could continue with a vaginal birth without mentioning any risks to her baby. The infant, however, showed signs of distress with her heart rate dropping as low as fifty beats per minute. The lawsuit alleges that at that point, the doctors should have called for a c-section delivery.

The court pleading allege that the mother’s uterus ruptured and the baby girl was found “floating in a blood-filled abdominal cavity.” This, allegedly, is because the doctors overlooked the signs that the baby was in distress.

Typical Signs of A Birth Injury

Most birth injuries involve serious complications that can lead to permanent disabilities and even possible disfigurement. Left untreated or unrealized, some birth injuries can eventually develop into extremely severe consequences that can also lead to your child developing something as severe as a brain trauma or paralysis.

Actions Symptoms to Look For:

  • Arched back while crying
  • Breathlessness
  • Difficulties with sucking, eating, and swallowing
  • Excessive drooling
  • Excessive fussiness for no apparent reason
  • Grunting and/or high-pitched crying
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Light sensitivity
  • Seizures

Consult an Experienced Attorney

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