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Hit-and-Run Accident Claims 1 Life, Leaves Another Person Injured

Posted on April 3, 2014

A construction zone was the site of a tragic car accident recently. A 23-year-old man was driving his truck through the construction zone and struck two pedestrians, one male and one female. Both of the victims were taken to a local hospital, but the woman did not survive. The condition of the male victim has not been released.

What makes the accident even worse is that the driver tried to flee the accident scene. The 23-year-old drove off and was eventually caught, but the fact that he even drove off in the first place is upsetting.

We say this because the immediate moments after a car accident are so critical for any injured victims. People who cause the accident are supposed to stop not just because they are to be held accountable for what happened, but also to help those victims in any way they can. Maybe they are able to call 911, expediting the response process. Maybe the 911 operator gives the caller advice on how to help the injured victims, providing them with needed care during such crucial moments.

A hit-and-run driver isn’t just doing something cowardly — he or she is balking at the idea of helping people who may have a chance to survive an accident.

Hit-and-run accidents are always a terrible occurrence, even when the accident itself is tame and no one is hurt. Ultimately, though, many hit-and-run accidents do end up with people suffering serious injuries — and they may seek civil justice to hold that hit-and-run driver responsible.

Source: KTUL, “Man Arrested after Fatal Hit-and-Run Auto-Pedestrian Accident,” Zak Patterson, March 30, 2014

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