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Facts for Oklahoma Drivers with a Broken or Dislocated Jaw

Posted on April 14, 2015

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A broken or dislocated jaw occurs typically as the result of trauma to the face, usually caused by a heavy blow. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of this type of injury, leaving many Oklahoma residents debilitated for weeks or longer. When a jaw is broken, there is a break in the jaw bone itself. A dislocated jaw occurs when the lower portion of the jaw bone slips from its appropriate position in the temporomandibular joints, which connect it to the skull. One or both joints may become dislocated.

The most common course of treatment for a jaw injury is to correctly realign the jaw bone until the upper and lower rows of teeth fit evenly. To achieve proper realignment in patients with a moderate to severe fracture, surgery is often necessary. While both broken and dislocated jaws have a high success rate post treatment, complications can arise.

During the initial phases of treatment, sufferers may experience trouble eating and talking, both of which are usually temporary until the jaw heals. Some of the most common symptoms of jaw dislocation or fracture that may develop after a car accident or other trauma to the face include bleeding, swelling, bruising and stiffness around the jaw. Jaw surgery is often performed by wiring the teeth shut on the opposite side of the injury for six to eight weeks in order to improve stability and prevent further damage to the fractured or dislocated jaw.

Any Oklahoma resident who has experienced a broken or dislocated jaw due to a car accident or other traumatic injury may be eligible for compensation. A motor vehicle accident lawyer could help prove that a reckless driver is responsible for pain and suffering, medical expenses and wages lost due to injury. Financial complication can provide the opportunity for victims to recover without bearing the burden of financial strain as well as injury.

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