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Drunk Drivers and Bringing Justice to Your Family

Posted on April 6, 2016

In April, state officials released new information regarding an ongoing investigation on a fatal drunk-driving accident that occurred earlier in the year. The new information revealed that Benjamin Edward Beary, 25, the driver responsible for the accident, was traveling 102 miles per hour and had an incredibly high blood-alcohol concentration of .223 percent—nearly three times the legal limit of .08.

Beary’s vehicle sped head-on into the victims’ Ford Explorer. Officers Carlos Puente-Morales, 34, and Susan Farrell, 30, and Tosha Nicole Hyatt, 32, a prisoner they were transporting from Council Bluffs, all died at the scene. The victim’s vehicle immediately burst into flames upon impact, causing Beary’s body to be unrecognizable to the degree that dental records had to be used to identify his body. The officers and the prisoner died from multiple blunt-force injuries while Beary died from multiple blunt force and thermal injuries and smoke inhalation.

The string of events leading up to the crash is puzzling to police. Investigators believe Beary was traveling on the wrong side of interstate I-80, but officers could not determine how Beary was able to enter the ramp leading up to the highway. In a report released by police, officials say that the interstate had the proper signs indicating the direction of traffic and that Beary’s “high level of impairment resulted in him driving the wrong way on the interstate.”

The toxicology report that showed Beary was very drunk and highly intoxicated, showing signs that he recently had used marijuana.

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