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Drivers Who Suffer A Medical Emergency Behind the Wheel

Posted on February 1, 2017

In many car accidents, the issue of fault is pretty straightforward. The driver ran a red light, or was speeding, or didn’t check his blind spot. But in some cases, “fault” is not so simple, as when a driver suffers an unforeseen medical emergency while behind the wheel. However, if you are injured by a driver who experiences a medical incident, you are entitled to damages for your medical and other expenses.

Medical Emergency Examples

In December 2016 a school bus carrying 15 students crashed into a ditch on 180 Road in Vinita. Two students were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Oklahoma Highway Safety officials said that the crash might have happened when the bus driver suffered a medical emergency.

A month earlier, a Tulsa school bus crashed into an SUV when the bus driver suffered a medical emergency while exiting Interstate 244 and drove into oncoming traffic. The SUV driver had no apparent injuries but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. There were three students on board the bus and none were injured.

In February 2016 a Tulsa driver crashed into a guardrail on 33rd West Avenue when he suffered a medical emergency. An off-duty firefighter driving behind him witnessed the accident and jumped out of his car to help. The firefighter said that the man “was sweating profusely” and having difficulty breathing. Then the firefighter saw the man’s eyes “starting to roll in the back of his head.” The firefighter flagged down another driver to help and together they broke into the man’s car and called emergency personnel.

In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where wildfires raged last fall, an 81-year-old woman fleeing the flames caused a multi-car crash when she suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. The elderly driver died.

Some medical emergency car accidents involve pedestrians. Recently, in San Antonio, Texas, a man lost control of his truck when he had a medical episode. The man hit a telephone pole, a parked car, and two pedestrians, who were taken to the hospital. Another pedestrian — a 13-year-old girl — was injured when a man fell unconscious behind the wheel and ran into her on a sidewalk in Brooklyn, a borough in New York City.

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