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Tulsa’s Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you were involved in an Tulsa car accident or the victim of medical neglect, you have the right to pursue compensation for what you have endured. But there are multiple paths your case can take when pursuing that right to being compensated. These paths are ultimately determined by various factors, such as how clearly the […]

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Tasing and High Speed Chases

A high speed chase ended for a Texas man when police were forced to tase the suspect as he fled on foot down the middle of a busy interstate highway. The suspect and his accomplice were originally apprehended at a nearby department store, where they were caught attempting to take more than $2,000 worth of […]

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Co-owner of Fat Guy’s Burgers Killed in Car Accident

On December 19, 2018, Chris Dodge, the co-owner of Fat Guy’s Burgers in Tulsa, was struck and killed while trying to cross the Inner Dispersal Loop on foot. Dodge, age 41, had exited his vehicle after being involved in a collision and was attempting to cross the IDL when he was hit by another vehicle. […]

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Deadly Hit-and-Run Accident in Tulsa Raises Questions About Pedestrian Safety

A deadly hit-and-run accident in Tulsa raises questions about pedestrian safety for residents in the area. Tulsa residents were reminded that pedestrian safety is not something to take for granted after a deadly hit-and-run accident involving a pickup truck left a woman dead. Hit-and-run accidents have been on the rise across the country in recent years,;and […]

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Suspects in Tulsa Hit-and-Run Accidents Arrested

On December 10, 2018, Tulsa police arrested two suspects involved in two separate hit-and-run accidents. In the first incident, 24-year-old Kevin Boston was taken into custody after fleeing the scene of an accident. He was on the 3300 block of East Pine Street. Officers arriving on the scene observed a vehicle with significant damage, and […]

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Car Accidents Caused by Road Debris

Although many car crashes are the result of driver error, thousands of accidents are also caused by road debris every year. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety even estimates that road debris played a role in approximately 200,000 car accidents and around 39,000 injuries, 500 of which were fatal, over a four year period. Employing […]

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The Importance of Tire Safety

Although many car accidents are caused by drivers who fail to pay attention to the road, speed,  traffic laws, a surprising number of crashes are the result of tire-related problems. In fact, the  Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that around nine percent of all car accidents involve some type of tire safety issue. To […]

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Collecting Compensation for Broken Glass Injuries

While many people associate car accidents with broken bones, whiplash, and concussions, some of the most common injuries are caused by broken glass. Although many vehicle manufacturers now install shatterproof windshields, lacerations from flying glass still can and do occur, leaving victims to struggle through a painful recovery and pay thousands of dollars in medical […]

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Car Accidents Caused by Brake Defects

Last summer, Volkswagen announced that it would be initiating a worldwide recall of around 770,000 vehicles due to a braking control system defect. According to representatives, the company detected a problem in the anti-lock brake systems, which will not function properly when drivers under-steer, over-steer, or suddenly hit the brakes. These types of defects put […]

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Driving in the Rain Can Be Deadly

Earlier this summer a 20-year-old man died in a single car crash in Sequoyah County. He was driving on Interstate 40 in heavy rain, and when he tapped his brakes his car hydroplaned into a tree. He died at the scene of the accident, and a 25-year-old female passenger was injured. Police say he hydroplaned […]

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