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Deadly Hit-and-Run Accident in Tulsa Raises Questions About Pedestrian Safety

A deadly hit-and-run accident in Tulsa raises questions about pedestrian safety for residents in the area. Tulsa residents were reminded that pedestrian safety is not something to take for granted after a deadly hit-and-run accident involving a pickup truck left a woman dead. Hit-and-run accidents have been on the rise across the country in recent years,;and […]

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Teen Car Accidents Resulting from Driving While Using Social Media

Learning how to drive when you are a teenager is a ticket to freedom, to hang out with your friends and gain some independence from having to rely on your parents or older siblings to drive you. Adhering to the rules of the road while reacting to your surrounding circumstances can be a difficult task […]

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What Should I Say to my Insurance Company After My Auto Accident?

After an auto accident—even the seemingly minor ones—the insurance company is the very last call that you should make. Insurance companies determine whether you are eligible for compensation based on the smallest amount of information. Because of their size and the number of clients they have, insurance companies do not have much time to spend […]

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Oklahoma Texting and Driving Law

Texting and driving. We all know that it shouldn’t be done, but few drivers actually follow that logic. Instead, many drivers make the mistake in thinking they are “capable” or perhaps “unaffected” by looking at their phone. Statistics show us this isn’t true.  According to, 25% of ALL auto accidents were caused by texting and […]

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