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Oklahoma Lawmakers Reject Measure to Expand Liability Insurance Coverage

Oklahoma recently joined several other US states in rejecting a controversial interpretation of insurance laws proposed by the American Law Institute (ALI). Senate Bill 1692 is directed one section of the ALI’s Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance, stating that the provision conflicts with existing federal and state law. The legislative measure passed the […]

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Potential Liability Issues for Three Children Injured in Oklahoma Bus Accident

What should have been a routine morning on the way to school turned tragic for three students who were injured in a school bus accident on January 14, 2020. Oklahoma’s KFOR News 4 reported on the incident, stating that the crash occurred when the bus driver collided with the front of a construction truck. The […]

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Oklahoma Law on Premises Liability

Whether you rent or own a property, there are certain obligations you have to those who come on your land, however, those duties and obligations differ depending on the person’s status while on the property. If an individual suffers an injury on your property, a premises liability claim is usually brought under the theory of […]

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Landowner Liability for Dangerous Conditions

In recent news, a two-year-old boy was killed after an alligator dragged him through a lagoon on the famous Disney World Orlando resort. The boy was playing in shallow water around dusk with his family at the Seven Seas Lagoon when the alligator attacked him. While there were ‘No Swimming’ signs posted around the lagoon, […]

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