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Oklahoma Dog Bite Laws

Making the decision to add a dog to your family can be a very exciting time, however, there are many factors to consider when making your decision. In particular, dog owners should be informed about potential liability in their local area, in the event their dog attacks another person. For example, some cities only allow […]

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Will a Dog Bite Injury Stand in Court?

Dog bites can cause serious injuries to your skin, soft tissues, and possibly your health. Remember, a dog has numerous sharp teeth and powerful jaws that can inflict serious wounds, rip muscles or penetrate skin, fracture bones, or cause serious or fatal internal bleeding. A seemingly minor bite that does not tear the skin or […]

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How to Avoid a Dog Bite

If you’ve seen or read Stephen King’s Cujo you may have some misconceptions about animal behavior, or how to carry yourself around an angry animal. It is very seldom that you will encounter a rabid dog and if you do the last thing you want to do is run, shout, or panic. Avoiding dog bites […]

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