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Car Damaged By Road Construction

Posted on January 25, 2016

If you live in the Tulsa County, you are well aware of the construction road projects that only seem to start and never end. Though we all want better roads for our community, there are often a lot of projects at once and these construction sites can take a while to complete. Your daily commute can possibly incur several road hazards, all of which could potentially cause harm to you or your vehicle. If your car is damaged by road construction, what can you do? It isn’t the same as getting into an accident with another motorist and who is responsible may not be as easily defined.

Who Pays for Damages?

It depends greatly on a few things. Mostly what caused the damages? In the event that it was due to incorrect signage, being directed in traffic by a construction member to make a turn too sharp, or bad road conditions at the construction site, the construction company may be liable. However, in some cases such as bad roads that aren’t properly maintained where you may encounter potholes and large crevices, it will be the owner of the road, which is often the city or government.

Documenting Details about Damages

You will need to record as many details and facts as possible, as quickly as possible, for your case.

  • You need to list the location where the damages took place, the road you were on, the direction you were headed, and the exact damages of your car.
  • If it was something like a pothole or ledge that caused damages, give the exact measurement and detail about the road hazard if possible.
  • Names and contact info of witnesses.
  • Find out who the construction crew is as well as what governing body is responsible for the road and construction.

Repair Records

You will also need to record all details about damages sustained due to accident:

  • Cost of Repair or Replacement of your vehicle
  • Medical Expenses that may have occurred
  • Lost Wages due to injury or from the accident
  • Pain and suffering that occurred
  • Long-term damages

Making Your Case

Without proper guidance on your case, it can be extremely difficult to know what to file, and who is responsible for your vehicles damages due to construction. Because of this, it is vital to hire an attorney who understands the proper procedures and delicate timeline that comes with cases filed against the government. Get an experienced injury lawyer who knows how to walk you through your case and get the compensation you deserve.

Tulsa and Broken Arrow Construction Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been in an accident due to negligent construction or uncared for roads, Charles Bryan Alred can assess your case and go for the maximum amount of recovery possible for your case. Your calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experienced personal injury lawyer can tell you the true value of your case and help get you justice. Contact attorney Charles Bryan Alred online for a free evaluation of your case or call 918-745-9960.