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Buses Lack Same Safety Features as Regular Vehicles

Posted on July 26, 2017

Buses are generally safe means of transportation. After all, they are typically used to transport children to and from school, sporting events and other activities. They are also used as a means of public transportation. But most buses do not sport the same safety features as a regular automobile (they often don’t have seatbelts or airbags, for example) and they carry large groups of passengers. So when a bus is involved in an accident, there is the potential for serious injuries.

Drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles also run the risk of serious injuries if involved in bus accidents.

Accidents Involving Buses

In July, a caravan of buses carried more than 700 Tulsa-area middle and high school students to a church camp in Missouri. When the caravan was only one-quarter mile from the camp entrance, one wheel on the next-to-last bus slipped off the pavement and the bus overturned. One eighth grade boy was thrown from the bus and pinned underneath it. He and 13 other boys were injured in the accident. Thankfully the group was able to rescue the boy trapped beneath the bus and he and the others who were hurt in the accident sustained only minor injuries.

In April, a school bus was involved in a multi-vehicle accident in Oklahoma City that critically injured three people (but none of the students were injured). The pickup truck that caused the accident drove into oncoming traffic, struck a car, rolled over, and then ran into the school bus. The accident was caught on video by a camera on the school bus’s dashboard.

Another accident involving a school bus also took place in April, but this one was in Binger, Oklahoma. A pickup truck rear-ended a school bus carrying 14 children between the ages of 5 and 15. None of the children and neither of the drivers were injured, but a 37-year-old passenger in the pickup truck was killed in the accident.

In February, a sedan crashed into an EMBARK bus on N. 23rd St. in Oklahoma City. The car crossed the center line and hit the bus head-on. The driver of the car was killed and a passenger was critically injured. There were 10 passengers riding on the bus, some of whom sustained minor injuries.

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