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Statistics Related to Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on February 23, 2015

On behalf of Charles Bryan Alred, PC posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Monday, February 23, 2015.

Oklahoma motorcyclists may be interested in some information about the state of motorcycle safety on U.S. roads. While the fatality statistics may be alarming, there are several ways that organizations and state governments are attempting to mitigate these motorcycle accident deaths.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were around 8.5 million motorcycles being ridden on the country’s roads in 2012. This large number of motorcycles brings with it greater danger, as they are inherently less safe during crashes than their four-wheeled counterparts. Statistics for 2012 show that for every 100,000 registered motorcycles on the road, 60 of them were involved in a deadly accident. However, this number dropped in 2013 by 6.4 percent. Regardless, the proportion of motorcycles involved in fatal accidents is over three times higher than that of automobiles.

There are some safety initiatives in place to provide education and equipment to motorcycle riders. One of these initiatives is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation training course, which has enrolled over 6 million students over the past 40 years. Other initiatives include the increase in motorcycle helmet laws and the use of helmets in general. Not all states currently have helmet laws, however, and many states’ requirements do not apply to all ages. The addition of airbags and anti-lock brakes into modern motorcycles has also helped to reduce fatalities and crashes.

When a motorcycle rider is injured in an accident, those injuries can be very serious due to the nature of a motorcycle. This can include broken bones, head or neck injury, all of which can require lengthy recovery time. An attorney may be able to look at the situation and bring a lawsuit against the driver at fault. This could result in compensation for the injured party, including lost wages and pain and suffering damages.

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